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Score!!! Free Buckets

Well the last couple times I have been to Coscto, I have asked at the bakery for any 2.5 to 5 gallon food grade buckets that they have finished using.  They either didn’t have any or the bakery was closed … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler

I checked The Edible Front Yard out of the library a few weeks ago because I wanted to peruse it before possibly purchasing it.  Mainly because some of the recent books I had read were stinkers of books, people that … Continue reading

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Review – The Prepper’s Pocket Guide by Bernie Carr

I bought The Prepper’s Pocket Guide on amazon because it was inexpensive and had good reviews.  As always with Amazon I received the book quickly and in secure packaging.  The book is a soft cover which seems durable enough, although … Continue reading

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Exercise for health and for preparedness

I am in what I would call mediocre health.  I manage to get out once a week and play competitive basketball, I get out hunting which involves trekking to my stand carrying a bunch of gear, and I get a moderate amount … Continue reading

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Sitting in a Tree

I am a hunter.  I enjoy entering the wild and trying to provide for my family.  I understand that I don’t have a real need to hunt to provide, but in the same way that I want to have chickens … Continue reading

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Kershaw Compound Folding Knife

I bought a couple Kershaw Compound folding knives four months ago and have been carrying one daily since that time.  The reason I bought two at first was because this knife was one of the daily deals on and the … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t love Costco?

I probably get to Costco on average once a week, and I try to make the most of that trip.  I normally make it around lunchtime on a weekday so it is busy but not slammed like on the weekends. … Continue reading

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Camo backpack/go pack/daypack

Earlier this year I was looking for a multi purpose bag.  After searching on Amazon for a reasonably priced bag that had good reviews I settled on the ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Digital Camo Army Backpack.  I figured for under … Continue reading

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Baking some artisan bread, cast iron style

I figured if I was going to become more self sufficient I should be better at making things we need every day, and bread should be an easy way to get started.  I actually found this recipe on Pinterest and … Continue reading

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Fenix E11 Flashlight review

I only recently purchased the Fenix E11 from Amazon.  The reason I purchased it was because the 4sevens mini quark I had been carrying was not the most conducive to one handed use.  Having to twist on the light with … Continue reading

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