Transitional Homestead

My wife and I have made the decision to move sooner rather than later.  We love our house, but it is bigger than we need, and we would like to have more financial flexibility.  Personally I am looking forward to chickens again, and maybe rabbits or a goat.  Either way, we will have a smaller house(and the smaller utility bills to accompany it), with hopefully a much bigger yard to have animals(let our current one, our dog, run around more), a large garden, and if we are lucky some water to fish and play on.  A natural fireplace, or wood stove would be nice to be able to heat the house with, especially if it is already set up.  If I get really lucky maybe I will have the ability to hunt in the back yard.

The adjective “transitional” is because we don’t see this purchase as being our forever home, although you never know.  Hopefully with the financial flexibility it will allow us to buy more property and build the house we truly want at some point in the future.  We will see.

Wish us luck, the search is on.

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6 Responses to Transitional Homestead

  1. Good luck! I am in my own transitional homestead right now. It doesn’t have to be a big place… As long as it’s yours. :3

  2. Quarter,
    I couldn’t agree more. Hoping for at least a couple acres, but we will see. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. dareidigress says:

    Good luck in your search!

  4. torvalamnell says:

    Good luck! I hope you two find what you are looking for!

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