Belts for Carrying a Holster

As most people who wear a holster know, regular every day belts from the clothing store don’t cut it when you are carrying.  I started out wearing my belts that I had gotten at Kohl’s or similar stores and wondered why I was so uncomfortable.  I figured it was normal and I just had to get used to it.  Fortunately I learned later that a more supportive belt would offer me relief.

After leaving the department store belts behind I moved up to an “Amish” belt style.  I am not sure if the belt is actually made by the Amish, but it is significantly thicker than your average belt.  I bought mine at a gun show for between $15-20 dollars, what a great investment.  These belts greatly increased my comfort and are my go to if I am going to be working outside.



I have since bought a custom made belt from RG Leather.  Rick is a great guy, easy to deal with, and makes a great product.  While these belts are more expensive than you would buy from a department store, I have no doubt that this belt will last many years, if not outlast me.  Rick also gives a lifetime warranty with his belts, he does right by his customers.  I had Rick make me a horsehide/cowhide brown belt and it is sharp.  Dressy enough to wear to church, durable enough to wear anywhere.


Another type of belt that I have purchased and wear on occasion is an Ares Gear Ranger Belt.  This is a belt made out of scuba webbing double stitched and using a cobra buckle for closure.  This belt is extremely stiff, giving a lot of support.  While I bought the all black version, they do offer their belt with a khaki color option as well.  These belts would probably be enough for dress casual, but I wouldn’t call them a dressy belt.  They do make carrying a holster much more comfortable.



While there is no perfect belt, I find myself wearing my RG Leather belt the most often.  The Ares Gear belt and my Amish belts probably tie for second depending on where I am going and what I am going to be doing.  If you are thinking of getting your concealed pistol license(or whatever your locality calls it) do yourself a favor and get a good belt.  You will be so happy you did.  If you are currently carrying with a department store belt, hurry to the nearest gun show, or get online and quickly order a new belt(Rick has a pretty quick turnaround time), you can’t possible imagine the difference it makes.  If you don’t now, or ever plan on carrying a firearm, look into getting a good belt anyways.  They will hold up your pants better and I can guarantee you they will last a lot longer.  Truly, everyone needs one good belt, or more. 🙂

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