I love root canals!

Seriously, I love them.  I have had two of them in my life (thus far) and the relief they have provided has been amazing.  If you have ever needed a root canal the pain caused by the nerve dying is truly excruciating.  I fancy myself having a pretty high pain tolerance, for point of reference I don’t get any anesthesia when having cavities drilled on.  It just doesn’t hurt to me and I hate the numb feeling afterward.  Which is the ONLY bad part about root canals, you have to get numbing injections.  This root canal I was in and out in less than an hour, and 5 or so hours later, the Novocaine wore off and I am 100%.

I might be a little crazy, but I really do love them.

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2 Responses to I love root canals!

  1. You might be interested in the book Cure Tooth Decay. Very interesting read!

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