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Great Info on Dressed Out Weight of Farm Animals

I often ask people who I think are in “the know” how much meat you actually get from the average animal when you butcher it.  Here is everything in one spot, with breeds to try as well.  Great info.

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Ever Feel Like You are Living in a Sitcom?

Sometimes in life I laugh at myself, actually quite often if I am honest.  Most often at my own jokes.  Sometimes at situations that occur within everyday life in our family.  During some of these occasions I compare my life … Continue reading

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Herbal Antibiotics Part 2

Originally posted on Living The Simple Life:
Sage (Photo credit: BellaEatsBooks) Hello and warm tidings to all.  It is a beautiful day…..but we do have some hot weather coming our way. Hope and pray that all is well with you…

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Unique Canning Recipes

Originally posted on Living The Simple Life:
I am always looking for ways of preserving different foods. Wanted to share a few recipes on what I have been able to find.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.…

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Using Lemon Seeds for Pectin

I guess I will have to start saving lemon seeds.  And then use them when I start making more jams.  Pretty cool to know if you ask me.

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3 Inexpensive Ways To Feed Your Garden Soil This Fall For A Great Garden Next Year!

Originally posted on Old World Garden Farms:
Producing vegetable can take it’s toll on your garden soil – you need to replenish the nutrients each year. There are no two ways about it. Your garden soil is tired and hungry! …

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Speaking Highly of Your Spouse

I can’t agree with this article more.  Affirmation in marriage is so important, especially public affirmation of your spouse.  Just think about how you felt the last time your spouse bragged on you in public… chest puffed out a little … Continue reading

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A Great Article on Predator Proofing Your Chickens

Some of this you may know, some you may not, but it is great advice.

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DIY Chicken Feeder

I may try to make something like this when I get my chickens again.  Although I may use 4″ pipe and a “Y” connection rather than a “T” for better food flow and greater capacity.

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Busy Life

We have been on the go the last couple weekends.  A weekend ago we spent a long weekend with my wife’s family up north.  We are lucky enough to be able to do this yearly and spend time near what … Continue reading

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