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Why Lassoing a Deer is a Bad Idea

In Michigan, archery season for deer opens tomorrow.  While archery open isn’t nearly the event that gun open is, I still wish I was going to be able to get out.  In honor of opening day tomorrow I am pulling … Continue reading

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Good Weekend

We had a busy weekend.  This was the weekend of our fall party.  Since my parents have bought the property I have organized a fall party every year at the farm.  We have a hay ride for the kids, food … Continue reading

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Hopefully More Than the Choir Will Read This

Originally posted on Throwback at Trapper Creek:
From Polyface Farms Facebook page – thoughts from Joel.  I’m not on Facebook, so you can read this there if you are, or here if not. More thoughts from Joel… Why are Americans…

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Small Steps Forward

We had another showing last night, no word yet on whether or not they want to offer us full price and then not be able to buy the house. 🙂  We also have a showing scheduled for Sunday.  While I … Continue reading

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How to Use and Care for an Axe

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:
By P. Henry Axes can be used for so many tasks in a survival or camping situation. Like any tool, especially one with a sharp edge it is important to know how to properly use this…

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Rigging A Tarp Shelter Infographic

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:
Prepography-The Art & Study of Self-Reliance Andrew’s Note:  I’m still a fan of using bungee cords as described in Building a Poncho Hooch but this method of rigging a tarp shelter eliminates the need to carry…

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So…Yeah…About the House Selling…

I got a call from our real estate agent last night while we were at church and her message made me want to call right away.  Apparently our “buyers” either overextended themselves or were having second thoughts.  They had their … Continue reading

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More Reasons to Love Dollar Tree

As if we didn’t already know how awesome true dollar stores, like Dollar Tree, are here is an article from Yahoo on what you should be buying from dollar stores.

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Lodge Cast Iron Bundle Deal

Many thanks to MomWithaPrep for alerting me to this deal.  On amazon right now you can get a Lodge 5 piece Cast Iron set for $65 shipped with amazon prime.  That is an amazing deal if you are looking for … Continue reading

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We Sold the House, Again!

Well, this time around it took 7 days to sell the house.  A full three longer than the last time.  Needless to say we are very happy to have sold the house, but the clock has started ticking.  The buyers … Continue reading

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