Packing and Orchard Planning

So in an effort to try and be as ready as possible to move when we finally get things ready out there, I have been trying to move as many of the things that we are keeping but don’t use on a daily basis out to the homestead.  I was very fortunate in that this week my mom offered to watch the kids for several hours three days in a row.  This allowed me to pack and move several loads out to the homestead.  I also allowed me to get some things done at the homestead I haven’t had time to do.

When I got out to the farm I was greeted by these guys.


These two guys were sitting on the barn, while the others were circling.

IMG_1660 IMG_1661

It always amazes me the size these birds possess.  I believe they are turkey vultures.  There were five or six circling around the front of the property but I never found any dead animals so maybe they just caught a good current of air.

One of those things I was able to accomplish was moving the straw bales we used for the hay ride out of the barn.  My wife has allergies and they just don’t need to be in there.  So I moved them outside and made them into an archery target area.  The eight bales worked out perfectly to make this…


I have it covered with a tarp when not in use.  I used two bales to make a shelf in front to set my target on, and then the other six bales as the backstop.  I turned the top two bales on their side to get a little extra height above the target.  As of yet I haven’t been able to use it since I pinched a nerve in my neck or back this past weekend.

The last thing I got done was to mow down some of the field in the location I want to plant my orchard.  It should be close enough to our future house to make it convenient but far enough away that it shouldn’t be disturbed when we decide to build.  The location also puts them out in the open, which should hopefully keep the deer wary of being near them.  During hunting season they may allow me to protect my trees.



I had thought about borrowing my brother-in-law’s post hole digger to auger the holes for the trees, but the soil at this location is nice and easy to dig in.  Rather than take the time to get the p.h.d. and hook it up to the tractor, I will just dig the holes by hand.  I haven’t decided how many trees to plant this year.  I am going to need to fence around each tree to keep the deer from eating them, so that is an added cost.  My plan at this point is to buy a few nice trees from a local nursery, then roll the dice on a few more from Tractor Supply.  I would love to get all nice trees, but with the cost being triple(and probably rightly so) I will split it this year and then maybe add some more in the spring.  I am looking at Honey Crisp from the nursery, and Gala, Fuji, and Cortland apples, Reliance and Redskin Peaches, and Moonglow pear.  Maybe not all of those, but some combination.  I might even plant a grape vine or two of Concord grapes.

We are still waiting on our permits.  I was told it could be 10-14 days and I know they had a furlough day last Friday with Columbus Day off but I am hoping to hear something this week.  Once we have the permits in hand I hope that progress will move along quickly.  In the meantime, packing and planning is what I can do.


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2 Responses to Packing and Orchard Planning

  1. Karen says:

    Great to hear that everything is moving along. Keep up the good work. And thank goodness for Grandparents!!!!

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