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Marriage and Parenting

If you take the fifteen or so minutes it takes to listen to this homily by our Pastor Father John Riccardo, you will not be disappointed.  He speaks beautifully regarding marriage, parenting, and family.

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Movie Review – Frozen

We don’t go to the movies that often as a family, my wife and I go less as a couple.  It isn’t a priority in our lives any more to see movies and when we have date nights we would … Continue reading

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Successful Inspections and a Doe

Yesterday we had two inspections scheduled, a rough electrical and a a gas pressure test.  Also, at the last minute the gas company called and said they were on their way to replace our gas meter.  After dropping the kids … Continue reading

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I Made a Crook

So I had been trying to figure out an easy way to make a couple shepherd’s crooks and had come up with a couple ideas.  The one that I was leaning towards was cutting a crook out of a 2×10 … Continue reading

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Progress Keeps Coming

I know I haven’t updated in awhile, but I have been busy with getting the work done, and family time. But there has been progress.  We have actually scheduled what we hope will be our final inspections for both gas … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas; Updates are Coming

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a blessed Christmas with your families. We have been busy working on utilities at the farm so updates will be coming soon.

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Yipee, We’re Closer to Electricity!

Yesterday my dad and I were able to get all the conduit glued and in place and the wires pulled from where we had them in the barn to the breaker box.  It was a little bit like solving a … Continue reading

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Bad Gas? An Update.

Our plan was to start running the utilities inside the barn this weekend and early next week.  We were going to start with the gas line and we had planned on running flexible stainless steel gas line that is coated … Continue reading

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Spinning with the Wheel, First Attempt is Chunky

My younger son asked me what the spinning wheel was for and how to use it and with the baby down for a nap I figured I would try to show him.  I explained how it SHOULD work, and then … Continue reading

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Catching Sheep

I need a shepherd’s staff.  You laugh(I know you are laughing) but apparently they can be really useful.  Surprisingly, or not, there aren’t a lot of places to buy them.  My usual, Amazon, has let me down since I don’t … Continue reading

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