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Homestead Update and an Announcement

Just a quick update on the goings on at the homestead. Read all the way to the end for a big announcement. As of last night they still had not started on the septic field. I am hoping that with … Continue reading

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Rolls at the Ready

Originally posted on gettin' fresh!:
Ready for the oven! Winter meals are especially inviting when they’re accompanied by rolls fresh from the oven. And making those rolls from scratch is not as hard as you might think! This recipe allows you to make…

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Protecting Our Protection, Michigan Right to Farm Act

There are proposed changes to the Michigan Right to Farm Act that could seriously jeopardize anyone who wants to have even a few hens to produce their own eggs. Call the Michigan Agriculture Commission at 517-284-5718 and tell them that … Continue reading

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How Home Schoolers Measure Up

Some great information on homeschooling.

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A Response to Amy Glass and Her Looking Down on Housewives

Amy Glass is apparently a pretty important person that she can judge a whole segment of society.  Her blog post titled “I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry”, and can be found here, … Continue reading

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The Catholic Guide to Self Defense

Originally posted on The Catholic Gentleman:
Imagine you are looking for a parking spot at the mall on a busy weekend. You finally find someone pulling out of a spot, and once it is empty, you pull into it. But because there is…

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Finishing the Seam

I was able to get out to the homestead yesterday to get a few things done.  Before they put the house back together, they put insulation along the seam.  They weren’t exact about it, so there has been fiberglass insulation … Continue reading

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Raising a Legacy: Young hatchery fish planted in state waters are the seeds of Michigan’s multi-billion dollar recreational fishery

Originally posted on The Outdoor Journal:
Wolf Lake Hatchery personnel drain ponds and collect 25,000 muskies that will be transported to various waters. Photo: Dave Kenyon, MDNR By Howard Meyerson When winter snows drift across the fruit farms and asparagus…

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Guest Blog – Angela – Lego Birthday Cake

I have the great pleasure of announcing a new guest blogger to the Homestead Dad blog.  Angela and I went to high school together but as often times happens during college and the years after we lost touch.  Thanks to … Continue reading

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Can I Hold You?

These are the words my youngest daughter uses one she wants me or my wife to pick her up. She doesn’t ask me to hold her, or for me to pick her up, she asks if she can hold me. … Continue reading

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