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We Are Official!

After making a few calls last week to remind the county that we had all of our requirements met to get out final certificate of occupancy we received it in the mail.  I am very happy that they were able … Continue reading

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Bee Explosion, and More Rain

As we were getting ready to leave this afternoon I noticed that the bees were exploding out of the hive.  There was literally a cloud of bees outside the hive entrance.  I needed to add another super.   This evening … Continue reading

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Sheep Dog?

Not quite, but our dog has definitely become more interested in the sheep. He just stood there watching them. Didn’t bark or act aggressive, he just stood there. And Minka, the sheep who was watching the dog, stood her ground … Continue reading

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Not Mary’s Sheep

Remember how Mary’s sheep was sure to follow everywhere she went?  Our sheep, not so much.  I partly blame myself for letting the kids try and get them to pet them.  They have pretty much taught them that the kids … Continue reading

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Speed Round, Update Style

I have been busy with stuff, nothing huge and post-worthy, so I will lump them all into one quick update post. This past weekend I got grass cut, which had been overdue.  Hopefully that helps with keeping the mosquitoes to … Continue reading

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Sparta Rodeo Sponsorship or Donation for Raffle

I posted about last year’s Sparta Rodeo here.  If you are anywhere within driving distance of western Michigan I suggest you consider coming to the Sparta Rodeo.  You can find out more details about what is going on, and when … Continue reading

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Sounds in the Night, and Wildlife that Don’t Like Sheep

So with last night being the sheep’s first night on the homestead I have to admit I was periodically shining a flashlight out my bedroom window to see if they were ok.  They are surprisingly night owls, they were still … Continue reading

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Sheep Can’t be Trusted

Wednesday I got the pallets organized, and planned out what the sheep shelter would look like. I needed to get some wood paneling to put a skin on it, so I did that in the evening at Lowes. Before dinner I … Continue reading

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Soon and Very Soon

I am trying to finish up the fence so that I can bring the sheep over as soon as possible.  This morning I was able to get the last of the fence stretched and hung.  I tried to make sure … Continue reading

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Oops…Too Tight, and Mail

I was able to work on the third side of fencing Father’s Day evening.  Everything seemed to be going fine.  I was stretching the fence and tying it to the t posts and stapling it to the wooden posts.  Then … Continue reading

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