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Homestead-y Gifts?

Who out there gave their kids or friends, homestead type gifts? Either an outdoorsy present, or something you made? I had grand designs to jar honey and give it away, but the honey has yet to be harvested, and at … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas/More Than Blessed

Firstly I want to wish each and every one of you a blessed and merry Christmas.  Every single one of you has been, or is, a part of my life.  Whether you are family whom I have known all of … Continue reading

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Nothing to See Here

That’s kind of what this post feels like.  While it has been almost a week since I have posted, there hasn’t been one big thing to post about.  We did travel to Wisconsin last weekend to celebrate Christmas with my … Continue reading

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Be Childish

Maybe it would be better put to say “be childlike”.  I was talking to one of the mom’s at my daughter’s gymnastics class.  One of the kids had just come out of class and told their parent that they had … Continue reading

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Laundry Room is Ready for Winter, and More Wood

At least mostly. I told you how my mom found this bench at IKEA. Instead of building one I decided to have her get two for me, one for the front and one for the back. I finally got the … Continue reading

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Falling Apart, Literally

Our van literally started falling apart as we left Costco the other day.  I opened the back door to load our purchases and it wouldn’t open all the way. The interior of the car door was separating from the door … Continue reading

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Kitchen Repair/Upgrade

I am embarrassed to say that I have had a vice grips clamping a hose in our kitchen sink for quite some time now.  Specifically the spray handle hose on which the spray handle had broken.  It was a quick … Continue reading

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Ready for the End

I just answered the door to a man wanting to give me money. Normally that would be a welcome event.  In this case, not so much.  But let me rewind a bit. News of the events of Thanksgiving night has … Continue reading

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Possibly the Perfect Present?

I am an admitted Amazon junky.  Most of the time, they have the best price on an item, and even if they don’t I rely on Amazon reviews to let me know if an item is worth buying or not. … Continue reading

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Take Your Kids to Church

We have five kids ranging in age from almost six months to 10 years.  To say that keeping them all concentrating on what is happening on the alter is difficult is an understatement.  We used to sit near the back … Continue reading

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