Homestead-y Gifts?

Who out there gave their kids or friends, homestead type gifts? Either an outdoorsy present, or something you made? I had grand designs to jar honey and give it away, but the honey has yet to be harvested, and at this point there would have to be a really warm day in order for me to risk opening the hive to get some honey out.

We did however try to give the kids some homestead-type gifts.  The older boys and I got snow shoes, which pretty much guarantees that there will be no appreciable snow this year, you are welcome.  If and when we do get snow, next year, the boys and I will be able to hike around the property on top of the snow, I look forward to that.

Homestead Boy #2 has wanted some muck boots for a little while now.  I don’t know if you have priced out youth muck boots, but they aren’t any cheaper than adult muck boots.  Fortunately Santa came through and got him these, although I am sure he got a better deal on them.



Homestead Boy #2 was understandably excited.

The last homestead type gift we got was for the boys as well, although as the girls get older they will be able to use it so it was sort of a family gift.  We got them an air pellet rifle.  They have been interested in shooting for awhile and this will give me an excuse to get out with them and shoot more.  We got them the Crosman Blaze NP, which looks almost identical to this one.  It says it will shoot up to 1200 feet per second, but we know claims can sometimes be inflated.  I actually wanted to make sure that the rifle didn’t shoot faster than the speed of sounds, which is in the neighborhood of 1116 feet per second.  Why you ask?  If you break the sound barrier the pellet makes a loud crack.  I would prefer quieter shooting with the kids.  With lead pellets, shooting has thus far been pleasurable.  Another reason I got this one is that it has both an included scope, which I may or may not install, as well as regular open sights.  Everyone should be able to shoot a firearm with both.

We took the rifle out this evening and shot into the pellet trap that I have from about ten yards.  The boys had no trouble hitting the 12″x 12″ target with open sights both sitting and standing.  The gun is on the heavy side, but it isn’t as though we will be hiking through Montana carrying it on a hunt.  So far, with admittedly little use, I am very happy with it.  So are the boys.

I’d love to hear what kind of outdoors, or homestead type presents you guys gave or got this year.

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