More Wood Anyone

The other day I got the tree that had fallen on path through the woods topped so I could skid it up to the area where I am processing wood. It was pretty straight forward; cut the top off, trim off a couple limbs, chain it up and skid it out with the tractor.  It went about as well as I could have hoped for it to go.  It was much easier to process the tree up in the open space by the house than to try and do so in the woods.





Once we got it up there I used the timber jack to process it and some of the other logs that I had received from my friend cut to length.  The timber jack works really well for long, tree sized, pieces of wood.  It isn’t nearly as helpful for the shorter pieces, which I find is easier to lay on top of another log to cut.  Once the wood was cut to length, the older boys and I split wood until dark.

I have been working on building a quail hutch, and it is mostly done.  It needs a permanent roof, but it is functional as is.  The quail will be getting moved out there soon.  Here are a couple pictures, although when I find time I will write more of a “how to” post.


The temporary wood roof


I added some hay for them to bed down in with the cold weather we are having.


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1 Response to More Wood Anyone

  1. Megan says:

    My husband will take a day dragging logs up to the house and lining them up. He drags big ones with a chain like you did, and puts smaller ones in the front bucket. Then a day or two later, he’ll go outside and cut all the trees up into chunks, and then split the following day. We found this way to make better use of our time, especially since he works a day job and with it getting dark so early.

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