I Can’t Help Myself

To be honest, I am not trying very hard, or at all to help myself.  Any time I go to the store I have to look.  There are too many beautiful pictures to be able to avert my eyes.  The possibilities!

I am talking of course, about seed packets.  All the stores now have their shelves full of them and I can’t help but find my way to the seed racks and peruse the merchandise.  I am a sucker for anything with “organic” or “heirloom” on the package.  At only a couple dollars a package it is a pretty cheap habit.  Here is my latest haul from Meijer.


These are the rest of the seeds I have.  Some of them are a couple years old, but should still work this year.  They are a smorgasbord of high mown seeds bought from a family friend during a fundraiser, seeds bought from Dollar Tree, Ace True Hardware, some packets from a seed saving class, and the mylar bag is from a family friend.  It is filled with a variety of corn that is supposed to be bred to be extremely hardy.  There are even some flower seeds in there for the bees.  Now that I am thinking about it, I have more flower seeds/bulbs I bought at Costco last year that are not pictured.


I have also been lurking on some seedy websites, I couldn’t help the pun.  Actually bare root trees are what I am talking about.  I ordered three trees from Starkbros.com this fall and will be getting more this spring.  I actually have three apple, two pear, two peach, two plum, two cherry, an almond, two pecan, a cherry bush, strawberries, raspberries, three grape vines, and a ten pack of lilacs on order from them.  I tried to convince them last fall to create a “homesteader pack”, but as of yet they haven’t.

The last two winters I have protected the fruit trees with individual cages, explained here.  When I set up the garden this spring I am going to fence in the whole thing with field fence.  I may wrap the bottom with hardware cloth to try and keep out the rabbits.  I will add some sort of streamer and string to the top of the posts to try and keep the deer out.  I just can’t see individually wrapping each and every tree, the time, effort, and cost doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Not only do I enjoy the winter, but I love the lull it affords in the outdoor chores, allowing for dreaming of summer gardens and picking fruits, vegetables, nuts, and smelling the flowers.  There is definitely a time for every season under Heaven.



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7 Responses to I Can’t Help Myself

  1. Haha, this happened to me two days ago. Fortunately I only bought one packet, but I’m sure as more flower packets come out, I’ll buy more.

  2. Dan says:

    And it’s worse when you allow yourself to wallow in online seed catalogs. Shipping’s a killer.

  3. My absolute favorite seed catalog is Baker’s Creek Heirloom Seeds. The pictures are so pretty they could be framed and hung on the wall.

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