I haven’t mentioned much about the chickens lately except to say that I have been trying to keep them with liquid water.  They don’t much like the snow and prefer to stay in their coop.  The younger chickens I bought mid summer never started to lay before we hit winter so I had pretty much given up having a decent supply of eggs until spring.

When we had the really cold snap I put a light in their coop, and the added light must have helped, because the last couple days we have been getting a couple eggs a day, and today there were four eggs in the nest boxes.  Hopefully it keeps up.

Now if the quail would just start laying…


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6 Responses to Eggs

  1. valbjerke says:

    Your hens need sixteen hours a day light to lay through the winter. 😊 Some heat helps – they eat less if they’re not fighting the cold.

    • Yeah, I have been avoiding heating and light as much as possible, but that may have been a mistake. Thanks

      • valbjerke says:

        It doesnt have to be bright – a forty watt bulb in a 10 x 15 shed is lots. We set ours to come on at four am, out at eight. The light drives them into laying mode (they think it’s time to reproduce). Bacically you’re messing with their biological seasonal clock. If you’re fine with ‘all natural’ – just leave them be and they will start laying again in spring. Even if your new layers had started laying – they would have stopped without lights. 😊

  2. Andy says:

    I’ll add this: I supplemented light in Memphis (as far north as I’ve lived) and I guess I did too much because it made them go smooth crazy. Feather eating, egg cracking, etc. My light supplementation was accidental because I was starting some seedlings, so I had it going 18 hours or so.

    • valbjerke says:

      Yep – that would definitely make them crazy. Also – the rule of thumb is that you should ‘just’ be able to read a newspaper by it. When I turn up the lights to collect eggs – all the hens start getting hyper.

  3. p3farm says:

    I supplement light in my coop. It is an incandescent bulb, low on the light bill. Since the hens hate the snow, this gives them something during the short WI winter days and in turn, i get more eggs!

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