Missing Eggs

This fall and into winter we were getting very few eggs.  I know that when the light gets short hens lay less, but it was vexing to me.  Today when I was getting some hay for the sheep I found a small stash.


Hidden on the utility trailer with the hay


The hens must have gotten under the tarp and started laying there.  There were only three eggs, and they were frozen so it was probably done after it had already gotten cold.

The chickens still don’t like going through my wind flaps.  I may have to take them off for now.  When I previously had chickens they got used to them quickly, so I am not sure what is wrong with this set of chickens.  I let them out the side access door of the coop today when I was refilling their water, so we will see if they put themselves back in through the flaps or if I have to put them in.  Nobody ever claimed chickens were the smartest animals in the world.


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