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New Life

We were gone on a family trip this last weekend, about which I will post later. Before we left I told my brother in law, who would be watching our animals, that if we were going to have baby sheep … Continue reading

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So Much to Update, So Little Time

This post is long overdue.  Post-able events have occurred.  The problem is a plague has befallen the homestead.  That might be a bit dramatic, but it kind of feels that way. It has gotten to the point where I have … Continue reading

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They Live!!!

I haven’t had much time or inclination to check on my hives this winter.  If you remember one of the hives had foam insulation tacked onto the hive boxes themselves, adding insulation.  The other was just a plain old Langstroth … Continue reading

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Crowdbuilt Chicken Coop, Kind of…

With the order of the new chickens, I am going to need a bigger coop. This is something I wanted to do anyways. I have been playing with the design in my head for awhile, but wanted all of your … Continue reading

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Chicks and Lawn

So the whole “permaculture” type lawn seed mix has had me thinking.  I called a local feed store and talked to someone there about making me a custom mix.  I figured it would be easier to talk about it in … Continue reading

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Creating the Mowable Meadow

Originally posted on Duvall Homestead – Self reliance and Permaculture on the Maumee :
I want to replace large swathes of my lawn with something lower maintenance.  And ever since I’ve been introduced to the idea of the “mowable meadow” at…

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Under the Sea

Earlier this week the whole family was able to take a field trip with a homeschool group we are a part of to a new aquarium in the area.  A good time was had by all.  The favorites were the … Continue reading

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Prepare Yourselves, For This…

It is starting to warm up.  I have been worried about something for several weeks now.  Worried might not be the right word, maybe concerned.  I got the first taste of it this year yesterday. Where we park our cars … Continue reading

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