Creating the Mowable Meadow

I have been thinking about finding/creating a seed mix that could be used for both lawn and pasture seeding. Something that is durable, requires very little input, and can be grazed. I found this blog and it has some good ideas. Anyone have anything to add to the list?

Duvall Homestead - Self reliance and Permaculture on the Maumee

I want to replace large swathes of my lawn with something lower maintenance.  And ever since I’ve been introduced to the idea of the “mowable meadow” at, I’ve been inching forward like a slug gathering tidbits of information here and there.

A more accurate title for this post would be “creating the mowable meadow using information gathered and glued together from multiple sources on the internet and then testing it for my climate zone and reporting back on the results.”

So I’d like to make this post a group project of finding all of the possible plants that will work for our climate zone.  There is actually a company I just found creating bags of seeds for this kind of project-

Some early candidates I found to enhance the “lawn” were:

CROCUSES: These flowers pop up in the spring while the grass is still dormant. They’re done blooming…

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7 Responses to Creating the Mowable Meadow

  1. Aggie says:

    Where are you located?

  2. Laura says:

    We have about 80 acres of hay, pasture, and lawn on our farm and we haven’t seeded for at least 70 years (probably never have but 70 years is as far back as Granddad can say for sure). It is all a mix of grasses and weeds that grow there naturally, it makes good feed for the animals and the yard looks fine to me even with the weeds. If you build up good dirt with manure and compost and let your land self seed, you will end up with the plants that will grow well there and will have fine grazing and hay. The more organic matter you add the better plants you’ll get.

    Off the top of my head these are the plants that we have in our fields and pastures:
    greater and lesser plaintain
    chocolate,apple,spearmint,and peppermint
    self heal
    lambs quarter
    white and purple clover
    black raspberries
    swamp flowers that look like blue or white tiger lilys, don’t know what they’re called but they’re everywhere.
    and lots of different types of grass, some that grow only in cold, some that grow in the summer, and a few that grow only in wet places. We never have brown fields except for about 1-1.5 weeks in the spring right when the snow melts.
    There are lots of other plants that I don’t know the names of or that grow in the woods that have come on their own and are good for the animals.

    • We have some of the plants you listed. When we put the house here we had to clear an area around the house so I am looking for a mix that I can use to help start the yard. Something more than just grass, but something that the kids can play soccer, etc on. Thanks for the suggestions.

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