They Live!!!

I haven’t had much time or inclination to check on my hives this winter.  If you remember one of the hives had foam insulation tacked onto the hive boxes themselves, adding insulation.  The other was just a plain old Langstroth hive.  A couple days ago I was walking around and admiring the ground now visible because of the recently melted snow and I walked past the hives.  I decided to give them a smack to see if I could hear signs of life.  To my dismay, I heard no buzzing, no humming, no nothing.  I was a bit bummed.  I had no plans to buy another package of bees this spring.

Today was a warmer day and I had taken our dog out the side door of the house, closest to the hives.  As I tried to keep the dog from getting too muddy I noticed motion out of the corner of my eye.  Something was flying around the hive mouths of both hives.  Being sure not to get too excited, I figured they were just flies.  Upon closer inspection both hives had bees flying to and fro from the hive mouth.  This makes me a happy man.

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2 Responses to They Live!!!

  1. Awesome! It has taken us three years to get a hive to over-winter. This is our first year to actually have bees for spring, so I do know the feeling well. We did lose one colony, but our other is very strong and active. Also, instead of packages, I bought nuc’s. I am wondering if that is what the difference was, since they were already a “family” when they were installed.

    • Last year I only had one hive and it overwintered so it is exciting to have two years in a row no dead colonies. I have always purchased packages. Maybe I will have to look at nucs in the future. Thanks.

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