Picture Perfect

This past Saturday was another Homestead Harvester day. Our family is so blessed to have such good friends as part of this group.  It is energizing both in what we get done and the community that is being built among this group.

I wanted to get all of the bare root trees and berries that I had gotten both via Starkbros and from my friend Ruth at Firesign Family Farm.  We had one crew that worked on getting over 100 strawberry plants in the ground.  Some might say that is too many strawberry plants, but like bacon, everything is better with berries.

IMG_6297 IMG_6294

We also got the red raspberries and black raspberries planted.  Since they are supposed to be kept 100 feet apart we planted them near the fence on opposing corners of the garden area.


Black Raspberries


Red Raspberries near the Strawberry Patch

While that crew was getting the berry patch in, another crew worked on getting all the fruit and nut trees planted.  In all there were 16 fruit and nut trees, two blueberry bushes, and one cherry bush that were planted.  There wasn’t room in the orchard for all of them, so the two pecan trees and the cherry bush were planted elsewhere.  The pecans were planted behind the orchard, and they will be protected by their own individual cages.  The cherry bush was planted near the house and will be used as a landscape plant that also provides food.


The Orchard


Part of the orchard with the garden area on the right


One of the pecans


The cherry bush


The itty bitty blueberry bushes

After getting the orchard and berries planted it was time for a dinner break.  We grilled out and had hot dogs and brats, Johnsonville of course, along with salad, fruit, some other snack, and desert.

Refueled and ready to get a few more things done we rolled out the fence.  I knew we wouldn’t have time to stretch and hang it, but I wanted to get it up to discourage animals to go in the garden area and to keep the chickens out.  We rolled it out and draped it over the posts to keep it upright.

The last task for the evening was building a quick pallet box to grow potatoes.  I have heard from my friends at Old World Garden Farms that it is an easy way to grow potatoes and I am all about easy.


The potato mound is on the left




The seed potatoes


A 5 lb bag of seed potatoes more than filled it so I figured we could try mounding potatoes next to it and see which is better.

As I was checking on all the animals for the night, I noticed something odd in the quail coop.


An egg!

We got our first quail egg!  We actually got our second Sunday morning as well.  I knew they would be small, as quail themselves are small, but man are they tiny!


Sunday morning before I let the chickens out I grabbed a spare piece of fence and put a couple screws in the posts where the gate will eventually go to hang it on.  It worked great and is easy enough to remove to get in.  It will do until I get the actual gate up, and it managed to keep the chickens out all day.


Two screws was enough to keep the fence where I needed it


After a family gathering in the evening I was able to get in the garden for about an hour.  I was able to get some garlic, broccoli, and some lettuce planted.  There is a chance of rain the next few days, which would be great for all the plants we got in the ground this weekend.  If it doesn’t rain I hope to keep getting cold weather crops in the ground.  I also need to start hardening off all of the seedlings.

Never a dull moment on the homestead, but boy am I loving it!IMG_6292




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  1. I will be interested to see how your potatoes turn out. We tried potato boxes last year and is was a dismal failure.

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