Photo Update and Rain

Today it rained pretty much all day. That’s good news for everything that was planted over the weekend. Almost all the plants are showing great signs of life.

I also stopped at Tractor Supply and picked up three bigger blueberry bushes, a black raspberry, and two gold raspberries.


Three blueberries on the left, and barely visible raspberries potted temporarily on the right


Grape vine


Strawberries doing well


Red raspberries planted and looking good


One of the fruit trees, they are all leafing out


The weather is supposed to warm up again the next few days, so I am hoping that everything really takes off.  I plan to try and get as many seeds in the ground as possible over the next couple weeks.  In the end of May all of the started plants can go in, man is this fun.

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2 Responses to Photo Update and Rain

  1. rivenfae says:

    I agree it is fun!

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