Get Them Out!

The turkeys and a few chickens had still been in the barn, and the smell was becoming a problem. Last week I had attempted to unite the clans, and it didn’t end well. So I needed more pens to get everything out of the barn.

Sunday, after picking up a camper in the morning, homestead boy #1 and I got to work. For the turkeys we made a 3′ tall by 6′ wide by 115″ long pen. The 115″ was because that was the length boards we had so that’s what we used. I showed him how to use the power miter saw and the air staple gun and gave him a few more pointers in using a drill driver and he did most of the work himself. He measured and cut, screwed and stapled. I am very proud of him. We used some sheets of plywood I recently got. One sheet on each side of a corner, and another for the roof. On the turkey pen I hinged the roof and made a board to hold it open.

IMG_6923 IMG_6929 IMG_6926 IMG_6924

I adjusted the feeder to account for the increased height over the brooder.  That is the beauty of not gluing the feeder together.  I just separated the upper tube and cut a longer one.  I used bungee straps to tie it down.


I found a gentleman on Craigslist, selling half sheets of 1/2″ plywood, so I bought a pallet.  I know I will find a multitude of projects for them.



With that project down we got to work on a pen for the chickens.  We made this one a bit shorter at 24″ as chickens don’t get as tall.  It was 6’x115″ for a foot print.  We got that one done just in time for dinner.  Homestead boy #2 was another helper for that one.  This allowed me to get some of the hens that had been picked on during the failed integrating of the flocks to have their own space.



I really like the look of the jubilee orpingtons.

After getting the two pens and getting all the birds out of the barn I moved the brooder out of the barn and sprayed the floor where it had been.  I then removed all the bedding from the brooder and took it down to the compost pile.  I plan to take the floor off of it, and use it as a pen for the roosters until I decide what to do with them.  The barn already has lost the smell of birds and all that goes along with them.  Woohoo!

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6 Responses to Get Them Out!

  1. Nice looking pens and what a great idea for a feeder using the pvc pipe. I will be using that idea when I get started, thanks for sharing.

  2. Duncan says:

    I love the PVC feeder! I’ve be wanting to make one for deer in my backyard for some time and just haven’t gotten around to it. Looks like it works well for fowl too.

    • Thanks, stolen idea. I would suggest a larger diameter pipe for deer and you may need to spread some around the ground in order for them to find it at first. Let me know if you do it.

  3. Dan says:

    You should be proud of your son! Very nice pens, and a great feeder.

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