Firing Up, Propane, and Grass

Yesterday afternoon I set up the camper so I could work on a few things.  One of those things was familiarizing myself with the furnace.  I am not sure we will ever take it out when we need the furnace, but if we do, I want to know how it works.  I was vexed.  I thought I was following all of the procedures.  I even hooked up the camp stove to make sure that the propane was in the pipes, it was.  For some reason I thought I could turn on the furnace without the electric being plugged in.  I am not sure why, as it only makes sense that the electric would be needed to run the fan to circulate the hot air.  So after I finally plugged the camper in, amazingly the furnace worked.  Wonders will never cease.  It seems to put out a good amount of heat so I think the camper would remain comfortable even late into the fall.

In the process of figuring out the camper furnace I realized one of the two propane tanks was empty.  So off to Tractor Supply we went to get it filled.  Upon getting there I was informed that the tank was too old and they couldn’t fill it.  They did tell me I could take it to the gas station down the street and they would exchange it for me with one that was newer.  So I now have a full, newer, propane tank ready to heat the camper.

After my wife got home from work, I jumped on the mower and got to cutting grass.  It had been a couple weeks since it had been last cut, and it showed.  It’s a little humorous, I spent many years of my life owning a company whose sole purpose was to make peoples’ yards look immaculate, but I really have no desire to do the same with mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my house looking unkempt(it probably does), but having the perfect landscape will never be a goal of mine.  I cut into the twilight hours, finishing by the light of the headlights on the mower.  I didn’t finish everything, but I got a good start on it.  I think next year I am going to try to fence in around the garden to allow the sheep to keep the garden fence line trimmed for me, it’s a thought.

Until next time…

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1 Response to Firing Up, Propane, and Grass

  1. Dan says:

    I empathize with your camper story. It took me a while to comprehend how all the various power sources (propane, battery, electric) interacted on the new-to-us pop-up. A furnace is a definite plus. We often camp in cool weather, and it can be a trip saver!

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