The Garden Giveth, and More Ice Cream

I took a five gallon bucket of water down to the orchard to water the two trees we planted yesterday.  On my way back up to the house I figured I should check the garden and pick anything that was ready before the rabbits got to it.  I mostly harvested an assortment of tomatoes, but I also got a couple zucchini and a watermelon.  The watermelon wasn’t much bigger than a cantaloupe, but I figured if I didn’t pick it now, it would be the animals that got it before we did.  It was very good, and the kids enjoyed spitting the seeds out.  I plan to save the seeds and see how they do next year.

IMG_7067 IMG_7069 IMG_7068

While I was picking I checked on most of the rest of the garden.  Despite me tending to the garden almost not at all, we are still getting produce out of it.  Other than what I picked today, there are still a ton of tomatoes coming as well as a few more zucchinis.  We are also getting some gourds, and even a pumpkin or two.  I’m not sure if we are going to get any corn this year as we were late in planting it, but I’m still holding out hope.  The late planted sunflowers even look as though they may get a seed head on them yet.

The sunset was beautiful tonight, it looked as though the clouds were on fire.

My wife and kids again made ice cream tonight.  We have just been making vanilla, but boy does it taste good.

 Quick story… this afternoon while in the house I heard a quite loud jet noise.  Where we live we don’t have a whole lot of airplane traffic and what traffic there is normally flies quite high.  Our last two houses had quite a bit of airplane traffic over head so I may not have thought too much of the noise there.  I went out onto the front porch to see what was making the noise and one of the Blue Angel flight team was practicing directly over our house.  It was pretty cloudy so we could just catch glimpses of him.  The coolest maneuver we saw was him pulling the stick back and looping back the way he came.  There is a large aerial show near here this weekend so I won’t be surprised if we see cool airplanes all weekend long.  One year a stealth bomber flew in a holding pattern over our place, he must have circled three times.  It just so happened to occur on the day we were celebrating Homestead Boy #1’s birthday so I claimed I scheduled it, hehe.

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5 Responses to The Garden Giveth, and More Ice Cream

  1. Dawn@CL says:

    Looks like quite the harvest! I hope to be able to do some planting next year (or get my kids to do it for me depending on how this leg heals).

    I saw the Blue Angels when I was young. They put on quite the show. We regularly get military fly-overs in our area because I live close to a training facility for weekend warriors. They’re fantastic to watch!

    • Get the kids to do it even if your leg heals quickly, :). Prayers for that quick healing by the way.

      I have seen the Blue Angels before as well, they are definitely impressive. I always enjoyed visiting my grandparents in Tucson AZ and seeing all the A-10s flying around.

  2. webbermd says:

    Vanilla is the best. Any assortment of milkshake can be made with vanilla ice cream. Making home made caramel sauce is easy to do, once I got the hang of it, and it tastes great with vanilla too.

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