Too Many Roosters = Butchering Day

It just so happened that my good friend Ruth at Firesign Family Farms was having a butchering day today.  I was able to make it, and I had a few extra roosters to take with me.  Before today we had Scooter, our Icelandic rooster, and then four jubilee orpingtons, Pepper, our Americauna rooster, and newly named Avalanche, our buff orpington rooster.  That is altogether too many roosters.  So pepper, who was supposed to be a hen, and two of the jubilee orpingtons have to go.  I think four is still going to be too many, but hopefully with a big coop, and room to free range they will be ok.  The reason I am keeping two jubilees is that they would be harder to find a replacement for if something happened to one of them.  So I need a backup.  Scooter is just a good rooster, but other than taking care of the girls I really don’t need him for breeding.  Avalanche will serve a purpose for breeding, but as buff orpingtons aren’t that rare, I could probably find a replacement without too much difficulty or cost.

All that said, we now have three chickens, grown on our farm, in the fridge.  That is a first for us and a pretty cool step.  I am still hoping to grow a batch of meat birds this fall, I am not sure if it will happen given all the other things that need to happen around here, and we have three turkeys that will be going in the freezer at some point.

Baby steps to self sufficiency I suppose.

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