Sunday Funday -> Security

Today was a day to add to our security stance at the Homestead. There was a burglary a few weeks back around here and because of that I wanted to address a couple things around here.

First off I wanted to chain off the south entrance to our property. The long term plan here is to put up a gate, but short term a chain will have to do. The two trees I wanted to hang the chain around were both covered in poison ivy so I had to at least remove the poison ivy where I would be hanging the chain on the tree. The tool of choice for this task was a machete.

The tree on the left if the one I hung the chain on, it looked like the one on the right before I started.

After clearing the tree I hung the chain. I used a lag bolt to keep it at the correct height and then padlocked both sides.

IMG_7081 IMG_7080 IMG_7082

In addition to the chain, I added a couple neighborhood watch signs, one to each side of the property. I liked the one that says, “we are watching you.”  I hung them on 7′ posts from Menards.

IMG_7075 IMG_7077

The last addition I made was adding two signs that say, “smile, you’re on camera.”  I put on one the barn, and one on the swing set in front of the house. Burglars have been duly notified.

IMG_7078 IMG_7079

Obviously I can’t/won’t detail all of my security measures here. These are a few that anyone could add on the cheap.

Until next time.

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2 Responses to Sunday Funday -> Security

  1. I really liked these ideas and will be implementing them on my place. Thanks!

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