Security Continuation – Poison Ivy Prevention

To this point in my life I have not shown an allergy to poison ivy.  I know what it looks like and always make sure I am very careful when I need to work around it and take as many precautions as I can to avoid the rash.  When I was hanging the chain yesterday I mentioned that I was going to be working around poison ivy and that I needed to remove some that was growing up the trees I hung the chain from.  It was also all over the ground in the whole area that I was working in.


The poison ivy was all up and down both trees


The poison ivy was all over the ground as well as the ground around the other tree to which I hung the chain

In the past I have always made sure to wash in cool water as soon as possible.  Then I saw this video about how not to get a poison ivy rash.

Since then I have always washed with dish soap and a wash cloth.  I wore my muck boots and gloves yesterday, but I know I brushed up against the poison ivy plants around which I was working.  Today, I have no poison ivy rash.  That could be because I have not become allergic to the oil, or it could be because I washed afterwards.  Either way, I will continue to be careful when working around poison ivy, because I’d rather not end up with the rash.

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1 Response to Security Continuation – Poison Ivy Prevention

  1. Dawn@CCH says:

    I’m really allergic to to poison oak AND poison ivy. Seems like I get it no matter what I do. Will try the dish soap trick next time and see if it helps.

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