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Dishwasher, My Friend

Our dishwasher has been out of commission for several months. At first washing the dishes by hand didn’t bother me. I just had to keep up with them because if I got behind, it got bad. So we got a … Continue reading

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Chickens are Growing Up

 Our chicks are no longer little fuzz balls, they are full sized chickens and as such do full sized chicken things. Like lay eggs. That’s right, we are about to be covered in eggs. I really need to get the … Continue reading

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More Fruit

I removed two small bushes that weren’t growing much in the front of the house and replaced them with two Cortland apple trees I picked up from Tractor Supply.  Never enough fruit trees I guess.  In my mind, once these … Continue reading

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Peaches and Friends

The last few days have started off with wild turkeys right up to the house. Friday morning Homestead Boy #2 took my phone and went off stalking them for pictures.   I am starting to empty the buckets that have … Continue reading

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Not Dead

This post proves I’m not dead. I had been spending a lot of time getting ready for the rodeo. Then I got sick and missed the rodeo. My wife took the kids, she’s amazing. While they were gone I got … Continue reading

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