Protecting My Trees While Others Go Down

As I write, the storm that was in the forecast is sleeting, raining, and icing outside my window.  This morning, before the storm blew in, I wanted to check off another task from my ever growing to-do list.

Before that chore, I spent some time with the three oldest kids and we shot the bb gun for a bit.  My original plan was to get the air rifle out, but Homestead Boy #2 wanted to shoot the bb gun.  It ended up being a better plan because it is quicker to load and fire.  With the three of them shooting, it made for more fun with more shooting and less waiting.

On to the chore I had mentioned.  I had noticed that some of the trees I planted this fall were being nibbled on by the local rabbits.  I had ordered some tree guards from Stark Brothers when I had ordered my trees, but I had yet to install them.  Knowing that what I ordered from Stark would not be enough, I picked up some different ones the last time I was at Menards.

The type from Stark Brothers is a spiral type that you spin onto the tree.  The type from Menards is more of a clam shell type that you just spread out and then put around the tree.  The ones I bought at Menards were a little bit longer than the others, and were actually a bit too long for some of these trees so I simply cut them in half.  Both of them are white, which avoids unwanted heat in the spring when you can actually crack the bark of your trees if they get to warm before the weather is ready for it.

img_7569 img_7571 img_7570

I was able to get all the newly planted trees protected.  Hopefully they will both work, but if not, I have set up a nice little experiment to see which performs better.

After the trees were done, at least the new ones, I took a bag of compost down to our compost pile.  After dropping that off, I decided to take a look at the marsh and see how full it was.  We have had a bit of rain, and it showed.  We have also had quite a few windy days, and that has knocked down some dead trees.  One of which is quite big, and sitting smack dab in the middle of my path.  Looks like I have some firewood to cut up.

img_7564 img_7566 img_7567 img_7568

After the ice started I was able to get some minor things done in the house between cleaning chores.  I got a few pictures hung for my wife.  I installed a clothes hanging bar as well as a reading light in Homestead Boy#2’s bedroom.  The reading light took a bit of figuring.  It is a light from Ikea, and the mounting plate had broken.  I was able to find a piece of hardboard that I made into a mounting plate and seems to work fine.  That is good news, because Homestead Boy #1 has the same light with the same problem.

img_7573 img_7572

Until next time…

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