Storm Preparation

There is an ice storm forecasted to blow through here this afternoon through early tomorrow morning.  So I took the opportunity late Sunday night to go and fill up my gas and diesel cans.  It was an overdue chore anyways so this was as good an opportunity as any to get it done.  I also picked up a couple extra gallons of water.  I already have a decent supply of drinking water, but when you are on a well, not having power can make drinking water a pain.

I still need to organize some things in the barn so that I can more easily access the generator, but at least now I will have fuel for it.  I still want to have an electrician come set me up with a manual transfer switch so that I can run the well pump and most of the house with the generator when necessary.  So if you know a good, affordable, electrician let me know.

I figure that this will probably be more hype than actual bite, but it always pays to be prepared.  The good news is that our location in Michigan shouldn’t get the worst of the ice build up, and the temperatures on Tuesday should get high enough to melt most of the ice so, knock on wood, we won’t have widespread power outages.  Still, better safe than sorry.

What do you do to prepare for oncoming storms?

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3 Responses to Storm Preparation

  1. valbjerke says:

    My husband wired a transfer switch in for our generator years ago – well worth it for us as we can head to work and not have to worry about the hydro coming back on while the generator is running. We have ours strictly for the barn and well pump (in other words heat lamps, waterers etc). The house I don’t worry about 🙂

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