Welding Fun

I have wanted to weld for awhile now. Well my brother in law bought a wire feed welder from Harbor Freight so I went over to play.  Before we go any further, I have never welded, ever. I have watched several videos and read on message boards about it.

He had already started on a horse shoe boot rack by welding six shoes together in a row. After running two quick small beads of weld on an old file he had, I tried my hand at making something. What could go wrong, right?


Working from left to right

My brother in law cut an old shoe in half and I welded it to a full shoe, making a hook. It actually turned out nicely. Don’t get me wrong, my welds are not pretty, but they work.


When my hook was done my brother in law apparently thought I was ready to help him so the two of us finished his boot rack. Neither one of us are pros by any stretch, but we were both surprised at how easy the welder was to use.

img_7633 img_7636 img_7638

I may have to get one of those.

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2 Responses to Welding Fun

  1. Laura says:

    Yes, a wire feed welder is nice. Definitely easier than a stick welder I was actually able to make a motorcycle ornament for our christmas tree out of washers and bolts. there is no way I could have done that with a stick welder.

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