New Life

The new life that occurred today was of the plant kind. We are still waiting for new animal life here on the homestead.   But let me begin at the beginning of the day, which was actually last night, remember the post about our ram freaking me out?  When I finally got in bed, I remember thinking, “If I can just sleep until 8.”

No dice.  At 7 o’clock I was awoken to a scratching coming from my daughters’ bedroom ceiling.  Our 4 year old had woken me up in the middle of the night to help her get back to sleep and I sometimes end up falling asleep in their room.  At first I thought the scratching was our 6 year old scratching the wall in her sleep.  It wasn’t.  So I bounced, or dragged, myself out of bed, threw on my boots and headed out to investigate.  As soon as I opened the door I saw a bird leaving the soffit near the girls room.  Apparently a windstorm a bit back had blown a piece of the soffit down and a pair of birds thought it would be a good nesting site.  I grabbed a ladder and observed for a bit.  After I was convinced that the birds were not in the house, I replaced the soffit.  Hurray!

By this time HSB2 had woken up and wanted to play catch.  So at 7:30 Sunday morning we played catch, shortly thereafter HSG1 joined us.  Then the baby was awake and wanted to play outside.  So we decided to take a short walk down our street.

After the walk was over all three kids wanted to help finish assembling the last bench I needed to make.  I can’t remember if I mentioned it last night, but I am very happy with the way the benches turned out, and how they match up with the picnic table.

img_7892 img_7893

Next it was on to planting.  When we visited Greenfield Village last week we got 5 butterfly bushes and 4 Concolor firs, as the Forest Service was giving them away.  So I got the fruit trees I picked up last week and the Concolors soaking in some water to prepare them for planting.  While I was preparing, my wife and the two girls planted the butterfly bushes in the back of our house where we have our wildflower patch.  HSB2 and I then replaced some dead trees with the new Concolors.


For free trees, they were pretty nice size and quality


The one thing I wanted to make sure I got done today was getting the apple and pear trees in the ground.  I changed plans from where I had originally thought I was going to plant them to a spot behind my nut trees and nearer so I can take care of them better.  I only have cages for five of them currently, so three are unprotected.  It shouldn’t be a problem now, but I will plan to fence/cage them before fall.  In case I hadn’t mentioned the varieties of fruit, I got two apples each of Liberty, Gingergold, and Wolf River, and then two Kalle Pears.  Some day in the not too distant future, I should be buried with fruit.  At which point one of my friends this weekend told me we will be making fruit liquor, Apple and Pear Brandy sound mighty fine to me.


Eight new fruit trees in the ground

At some point in the afternoon we got out the golf cart and the lawn tractor.  HSB2 wanted to cut grass and the chickens seemed glad that he did.  We finished the day with a family trip to Dairy Queen.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we were able to spend copious amounts to time together as a family, and we were productive.  I would say it was very close to a perfect day.


The chickens seemed to appreciate the newly cut grass

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4 Responses to New Life

  1. Sounds like a very fulfilling day 😉

  2. borderhauss says:

    Love this. Happy family, happy farm
    Good job

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