Sunday Funday

One of the chores that needs to get finished sooner rather than later is to get more pasture fenced.  With all the new lambs born, and a calf expected soon, we need more grass.  My goal here is to be able to be as sustainable as possible with regards to animals and plants.  Up to this point my arrangement with the neighbor whom I split our hay field with has provided enough hay for the sheep and now cow, but that won’t continue to be the case as I need more pasture and thus will have less hay field.  Less hay field means that there isn’t as much to share, if the neighbor even wants to cut as it might not be worth their effort.  If that is the case then being able to hay myself might become a necessity.

In the meantime we need more pasture for this summer and fall.  So on Sunday, after HSB#1 helped hang the fence onto the posts that we stretched out last year.  For May 15th, it was ridiculously cold.  We were actually snowed on at several points, and the wind was just ripping across the field.  All of that made all the work that much more interesting.  After we got the fence hung, we then pulled out the T posts that I had used to support tomatoes, peppers, and beans last year and we got to work on putting up posts for the new pasture area.  Armed with my 100′ tape we started spacing posts.  HSB#1 was instrumental in helping get the chore done before church in the evening, the other kids helped, but he stuck with me all day.  It’s really fun to see the young man he is growing into.  We marked the corner post locations, which I will use wood posts for, and spaced out all the T posts using the tape.  After they were all in position, I went back and pounded all the posts so they are set and ready for fence.  We had enough posts on hand for the amount of pasture I want to fence in right now, but I’ll need to buy some more for odd jobs around the Homestead.

I still need to borrow my brother in law’s post hole digger so I can set the corner posts and supports, which I might also have enough of on hand.  I also need to buy one more roll of field fence.  Once the fence is up, we will need to run electric wire and then we can let the animals start eating on fresh pasture.  I hope to have this done within the next few weeks, but it has been crazy busy so we will see.

img_8378 img_8379


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2 Responses to Sunday Funday

  1. Yea, My little brother is helping more and more with the odd jobs around the house.
    The other day he and I took the rough-cut-siding off of the shop wall in prep for putting steel up.
    He is only 7 but that’s not going to stop him from helping.

    Anyway, I like your blog.


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