Long Weekend – Speed Round

I have so busy I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write a blog, so I am going to write a speed round blog post to get caught up.  These topics may or may not be in order.

The grafting experiment has been a mixed bag.  Only a few of the grafts have so far seem to have taken.  I think this is because I had to store my scion wood for so long until I was able to graft.  I am going to try and graft as many more as I can, but I will just plant the rest of the root stocks.  The root stocks seem to be find and growing once planted so I can plant them now and then use them in the fall or next spring.


The root stock sprouting


We have some great friends who gifted us some mint and chive plants.  I up potted them and put them on the front porch so that the chickens wouldn’t eat them.  The kids love snapping off chives and mint to chew on while playing.

img_8400 img_8399

The calf had us worried yesterday.  It was really hot, and he wasn’t staying in the shade and ended up panting quite a bit.  His eyes were always clear and his ears were attentive so we just kept an eye on him.  By today, he was running around and playing with the sheep.

img_8434 img_8436

In front of our house I have been adding plants since we moved in.  To date I have planted lilacs, both large and mini Asian lilacs, a magnolia, and a couple apple trees.  In an effort to remove grass to cut, we started looking for ground cover.  I really don’t want to rely on wood chips, at least long term.  I’d rather have something that will spread and cover the area.  I got a few native plants, monkey grass and ajuga, but it is going to take a while for them to spread to cover the area.  I ended up getting 50 strawberry plants that were on sale from Stark Bros and am going to see how they work as a ground cover.  This all seemed like an awesome idea, and then the chickens rounded the corner of the barn.  Not sure if the plants will last, we will ever see any berries, or if this will work, but the plants were inexpensive and it only took a couple hours to plant them.  If it does work, we will have strawberries right out the front door.


The turkeys continue to grow at an almost alarming rate.  I forgot how quickly they grow, but I also forgot how messy and smelly they are in the barn.  As the weather has warmed and they have added feathers, we move them outside during the day and only bring them in at night.  It is amusing watching three week old poults puff up their feathers and flare their tail like they are full sized Toms.


I finally found time this weekend to pick up my brother in law’s post hole digger so HSB1 and I drilled the holes for the posts for the new pasture.  We were able to get the 7 holes done pretty quickly.  We then decided since we had some more time, we would drill the holes for the new chicken run and the pig pen.  We ran into a problem as we started the pig pen.  The auger just wouldn’t dig.  We couldn’t figure it out, and no amount of pushing, pulling, or hoping was making it work.  We even tried moving and trying another location.  As I was looking at the auger, I noticed a rock stuck in the cutting blade that was preventing it from drilling into the ground.  With that setback solved we quickly got the rest of the holes dug.  The pig pen will be 64’x32′ and I plan to use hog panels.

img_8471 img_8472

With all the warm weather I wanted to get the sheep sheared.  The boys were anxious to shear them as well, so the other night I got all set up to try and get a few sheep sheared.  Not thirty seconds in, the shears broke.  Several teeth broke off the comb part of the shears.  I have since ordered replacement parts off Amazon, so hopefully this week will find the sheep cooler.


Lastly, I have been trying to be diligent with regards to watering the newly planted trees, the replacement trees that replaced the ones that have died since last season, the landscape plants, and the garden plants that are still in pots.  The new orchard trees are doing great.


That is all for now, I am sure there will be more soon.


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4 Responses to Long Weekend – Speed Round

  1. I had no idea you had turkeys!!
    How old are they?

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