Continued Progress

Over the last few days I have continued to work away at the fence and other chores.  I have managed to get two sides of the new pasture fence stretched and hung, that leaves just one side left.  I did, however, have a mishap when stretching the fence.  See if you can notice it in the picture below.  It’s probably hard to see via a picture..


That picture is of the second side stretched, but not hung onto the posts.  It might be hard to tell but the fence is on the outside of the T posts.  That is NOT where you want it, and I only noticed this when I went to wire tie the fence to the posts.  But by that point I had stretched the fence and stapled it to the corners.  So I decided to pull the T posts, and then re-pound them with the fence on the correct side.  Did I mention I don’t have a post puller?  I don’t.  So I pulled them all by hand and then re-set them.  Lot’s of fun.  Don’t believe me, try it.  But worse things could happen so the next morning I got up at 6, before anyone else was up, and went to hang the fence.  I also made sure to put the last side of the fence on the right side of the posts so I didn’t make that mistake again.

The only access I currently have planned for the new pasture is through a gate out of the old pasture.  Security, ease of build, and cost are a few of the considerations that went into that decision.  In the meantime, we are having to walk further and further around the fence in order to get inside the new pasture to work since I hadn’t hung the new gate yet.  So on Tuesday, I hung the gate.  I haven’t yet cut the old field fence to accommodate the new gate, I won’t do that until the new fence is near enough being done to not have to worry about animals escaping.  It’s not perfect, but it should work.


I want to tell you something I am really excited about.  There are peaches on one of the trees I planted last fall!  I count five, and even if I don’t get to eat any of them, we are getting close to fruit on some of our trees and that is exciting.  I am sure there will come a day when I am begging people to come take fruit, but I can’t see that far ahead yet.


Homestead Boy #1 is continuing to grow his egg sales business.  He takes it very seriously, reading books about chickens, collecting eggs often, and worrying and taking care of his birds.  In order to keep up with demand he bought another seven White Leghorn hens from a farmer friend of ours.  They are started birds, about 16 weeks old, so they should begin to lay in a month or two.  He wanted to have some white egg laying hens so he could offer a greater variety of colors.


It often happens that God rewards a hard day with a beautiful sunset.  I always say I will cry if someone buys the field across the street from us and puts up a subdivision to ruin our sunsets.  I don’t often get up early enough to see the sunrise, I’m more of a night owl, but I did catch this the morning I hung the fence.  Fortunately no one will ever be able to take the sunrises from us.


Until next time…


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2 Responses to Continued Progress

  1. MansWhirld says:

    I just spent this past weekend fixing the same fence issue. I didn’t realize it until one of the sheep ran away from me and into the fence. It pushed out and pulled away from the post..ugh…yes, how fun! I too only have a limited number of access points to our pastures due to the gate costs, but I did install the posts where a future gate or two may be. That way I don’t have to dig post holes later when the fence is in the way..or have to redo fences.

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