Good Day, Happy Livestock

This morning the kids and I headed outside early and got to work finishing strapping the fence to the T posts.  I think there were about 16 yet to be done.  After that was done, I ran the electric wire along the top of the fence and got all the insulators set.  By that time, it was near lunch so we went inside.

After getting HSB#3 down for a nap, I went out and got the electric wire connected to the system we already have.  I also cut the field fence that was over the spot I had installed the gate and zip tied the piece of fence onto the gate.  At this point, all that was keeping the livestock from greener pastures was getting my temporary fence up to keep them from the whole pasture.  I plan to partition it off into three sections and rotate them through that, and a portion of the pasture they have already been in.

Several months ago I had purchased fiberglass moveable electric fence posts and some polywire.  Once I got that set up, it was time to let the livestock in.


I am using a jumper to electrify the poly wire on one end, and have wrapped the poly around the permanent aluminum wire on the other.  I started with only two strands, but it became quickly apparent a third was needed.

img_8523 img_8518

Once the livestock got over the shock that they were allowed someplace new, they got straight to eating.  Before the sheep or Oreo could cautiously test the poly, Bullseye got excited and ran right through it.  I don’t even think the shock registered until he was on the other side, and he didn’t take long coming back to Oreo.  It was at that point I added the third strand.  Since then, we have seen several sheep and Oreo test the fence and jump back, so I am hoping it will work for it’s intended purpose.


The animals enjoying fresh grass

This is what a happy cow looks like.

After that was done, I moved the pallet run in about 30 feet.  I needed to move it so that I can section off part of the pasture to let it rest.  I was going to use the tractor, but I’m not sure it wouldn’t have broken it, so I leg pressed it a side at a time, several feet at a time.  In the picture below, the bare spot on the right is where the run-in was, and the right side of the pasture is where I will use temporary electric fence to keep the livestock out of.


After a late dinner, I got to planting the trees that arrived from Stark Bros.  For the price they were, I am very happy with how they look.  Some of the cheap trees were actually their “supreme” trees and had a decent caliper trunk.  I got two cherry trees and three apples planted.  I will get the last five apples planted tomorrow, if I can move.

Until then…


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