Never Again

I desperately need to get my garden plants in the ground.  They are outgrowing their small pots, or already have.  Other things have taken priority, until now.  The biggest problem getting this done is that the three point rototiller is behind a lot of things in the barn that would need to be moved.  Many, many things.  So I figured, “it’s going to be a small garden this year, I’ll just use the walk behind tiller.”  Bad decision.

The walk behind hasn’t been used in quite awhile.  It started up pretty easily, but didn’t run quite as smoothly as I had hoped.  Either way, I took it to the garden area.

I had cut the grass/weeds down with the three point mower.  They had been between knee and waist height when they were cut.  I hadn’t raked the clippings, which proved to be a mistake.  I think the biggest thing was that a substantial amount of grass had grown in that area since last year, and the roots were quite thick.  The walk behind didn’t want to chop them up on the first pass.  It either wanted to bog down and stall, or catch on some of the roots and try to run away from me.

By the time I finished, I had made three passes with the tiller and raked it as many times.  Also working against me was that the dew point was off the charts and it was hot, I was a walking pool of sweat by the time I was done.  Did I mention the horse flies that were biting me through my shirt?  I started calling them death flies, it was pretty ridiculous.

In the end, I got an area done that I think will be big enough for what I plan to do this year.  I didn’t get a chance to get plants in the ground as I had a meeting at church, but I hope to plant everything tomorrow between rain drops (yeah for rain).


I am going to hurt the next couple days, it truly was a whole body workout.  Next year, the three point tiller will be out and available.  Oh yeah, I remembered I need to till another small area to plant my root stocks, joy!


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4 Responses to Never Again

  1. That sounds like incredibly hard work. Different climes produce different pests – I get eaten by midgies each time I go out. I’ve now got a habit of picking a few lemon balm leaves and crushing them on my skin before I start to garden. Don’t know if it’ll work for horseflies. I wish I’d waited this long before planting out – I lost all my leafy greens to slugs in recent rains. Still, I experimented with placing composting materials where I wanted a bed, instead of a composting area – in situ so to speak. It’s not only kept the weeds back, but there’s an interesting array of accidental plants emerging – spuds, garlic, potatoes, nasturtiums and I think – squashes. I’ve added a few herbs between them, so should have some kind of yield if not prolific greens like last year. Good luck with your plants!

  2. Lady Locust says:

    We wouldn’t want you to be board😜 It will be nice when you get everything in the ground and you will be able to see the outcome of your work.

  3. WhirldWorks says:

    I felt that way on Saturday while putting up the permanent dog pen/gate and moving the ridiculously heavy dog house that had originally been a goat house. By the end of the day I was soaked with sweat, every muscle ached and beyond tired. My garden plot is still untouched and I don’t know when I’m ever going to get to it!

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