Swan Lake, and Logging Miles

This past weekend we were, as usual, busy.  HB1 had a swim meet Saturday morning, at which he set personal records in the 50 and 200 Freestyle.  As soon as he got home we left to meet my mom to drop off our dog, she was watching him for the weekend.

We then left for the Sparta Rodeo to help my sister in law and brother in law any way we could with that.  Sparta was having their annual Sparta Town and Country Days so my bil and sil decided to add another rodeo for this past Saturday.  The difference is that it isn’t a big camping week and the only people camping were the rodeo people, and us family and friends who were helping work at the rodeo.  We set up our camper when we got there, had a bite to eat, and then got to work.  If you happened to be there, I was the guy selling 50/50 tickets.

The next morning we packed up the camper, and headed for Mass.  After Mass we headed back to my parents’ cottage to spend the afternoon there enjoying the lake and visiting with my grandma.

While we were eating lunch, my dad noticed a cygnet by itself.  There has only been one pair of swans on the lake this year.  They started with two cygnets but were down to one.  It was still young enough that it was all fluff and no feathers.  After talking to a friend who lived down the lake, we determined that the parents were on the other side of the lake and I would get in a kayak and try to escort the cygnet back to it’s parents.  The cygnet was already tired, and it was quite a paddle to get to the other end of the lake.  Fortunately we had a strong wind at our backs.  When the swan parents finally came into sight, they continued to move further away from the cygnet and I.  Apparently there had been a boater on the lake that had gotten far too close to the swans and they were keeping their distance.  About that time, my dad and HB2 had come down with the motor boat and was able to position himself in front of the swans so they wouldn’t go further away.  It was rewarding seeing the swan parents finally see their cygnet and swim rapidly towards him and take their positions in front of and behind it.

Rather than paddle against the wind all the way back to my parents, we brought myself and the kayak on board and powered back.  We then spent the afternoon swimming in the lake before eating a light dinner, packing back up, and heading home.

It was an extremely busy weekend, filled with fun activities, and lots of driving, but it was all worth it.  We are very fortunate that our kids are good travelers.

Until next time.

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