Back From Vacation

As most of you probably know, I don’t talk about where I will be ahead of time, it’s just not something I do.  However, I’m happy to tell you about it afterwards.

This past weekend the family and I traveled to the great state of Wisconsin, place of my birth, and location of the majority of my extended family.  We left after my wife was done with work on Friday, and spent the night at my parents’ cottage.  It shortens the drive to WI by a couple hours.

The next morning we headed to WI to visit those who were available on my dad’s side of the family.  As an aside, I hate Chicago.  There is a very real possibility I will never drive through that city again.  Traffic is never good, among other reasons to hate it.  After passing that forsaken city, we were able to see my grandmother’s new apartment and then head to my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  It is one of the places we frequently stay when we visit WI, and because of this the kids especially enjoy spending time there with them.  It doesn’t hurt that they have 40+ acres, a pond, and four wheelers.  This year, HG1 knew she was old enough to ride the four wheelers so she was excited to go to my uncle’s four wheeler school.  He sets up cones and obstacles and has them master certain concepts before allowing the younger ones to turn up the speed on the four wheeler, and the older to ride the bigger quads themselves.  I didn’t have to pass the course.  I was able to get some cool video on my phone while we were riding, which I hope to get up in a YouTube video soon.

The next day we visited with my Mom’s side of the family after going to Mass in the morning.  This aunt and uncle have a great setup for family parties which allows for areas for the kids to play, adults to visit, and comfortable seating no matter the weather.  The highlight for me was watching a game of “red light, green light” that even the adults got in on.

Monday morning we were able to have breakfast with some of my very best and long time friends.  While they are not blood relatives, they are most definitely family and loved accordingly.

That afternoon we got back to my parents’ cottage and were able to spend the evening in the lake enjoying the bath like water.  We swam again Tuesday morning, before heading home to get ready for a short work week.  When we got home, there were a couple packages waiting for us including a thermal cover for the pool, and HB#2’s newest purchase.  He used some birthday Amazon gift cards to buy a remote control truck.  It is one that should last a little longer as it is a step above toy, but still a step below true hobbyist.

This past weekend away will end my streak of not being home for any weekend the month of July, spanning five weekends.  As much as I love traveling and seeing friends and family, it will be nice to get some things done around the Homestead.  The garden is being taken over by weeds, so I hope to get that under control and give the grazing animals some treats.  I also have a project that needs to be built for in the house, which I will be posting on.

I’ll leave you with a picture of one of my favorite places.

Until next time…

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