Quad Parade, with Video

As I mentioned in my last post, when we were at my Aunt and Uncle’s house last weekend, the kids were able to ride quads.  My uncle has really done a great job of creating a “school” for the kids to go through to learn all the ins and outs of riding and controlling a quad.  I think he did it out of necessity for his grand kids, and it works just as well for his grand-nieces and grand nephews.

You need to be 7 to ride the quads solo, and G1 knew that going in, so she was really excited to be able to ride herself.  She drives the golf cart around our property all the time, I have trained her on that, so the concepts of gas and braking are not new to her.  This was evident in how quickly she picked up riding a quad.  My uncle was impressed with her abilities.

The boys also got a refresher course on riding.  B1 was a little rusty in shifting, but was able to knock off the rust very quickly.  Once everyone was comfortable riding, we were off to ride around my aunt and uncle’s property.  They have 40+ acres and have created a trail system for riding around it.  I was able to get some video, it’s a bit shaky as I was doing it while riding, but it was a ton of fun.  The last clip is me taking video off the back of the golf cart.

Until next time

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4 Responses to Quad Parade, with Video

  1. micahwotring says:

    Awesome! I love riding four wheeler and can’t wait till my little brother is old enough to ride!

    Also, just a blogging tip, if you put a link to your YouTube video in the post than the video will show up in emails. But the plain vids won’t. I am subscribed via Email and can only see the video on the blog. Takes a little extra time but people are more likely to watch it if it shows up.

    God bless!

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