Closer to Bacon

We are inching our way closer to being ready for pigs.  As of now I am planning on picking up the pigs early next week.  Things have been slowed down because a couple of the little ones have been sick.  Even so, we are still getting some work done, the latest of which was getting the gate hung, pounding T posts in between the wood posts, and fixing the corner where the wooded posts were slightly too far apart.

The boys have been a big help.  I do my very best to make sure I let them know when I am going out to do a project and to let them help in some way.  Lately that has even included working the cameras for making YouTube videos.  Always learning, teaching, or both(or at least attempting to).

Here’s the video from hanging the gate.



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5 Responses to Closer to Bacon

  1. micahwotring says:

    Great chance to give ‘m a chance to learn with you. Can’t wait till I get pigs someday.

  2. Tana Floyd says:

    Cant wait till we get pigs!! Please come on over and share this with others at our blog hop we have Wed-Sun

  3. Vickie says:

    Mmmmmm… bacon. And pork chops! 🙂

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