Bringing Home the Bacon

Today was the day.  Today we went to go pick up our American Guinea Hogs.  It was about an hour and a half drive each way.  We got on the road around 9:30 and arrived at the farm we bought the pigs from at 11, fortunately we didn’t have to make any stops which is never a guarantee when traveling with kids.

The man we bought the pigs from was very nice.  He has been rehabbing an old run down farm house and has been busy getting his hog facilities set up.  He has both American Guinea Hogs and Julianna Pigs.  We were able to walk around his farm a bit and the loaded up our pigs and got back on the road headed home.

img_9035 img_9040 img_9037 img_9038

When we got home and got the pigs in their new enclosure it was time to get their hut finished.  It took less than an hour to get the pallets screwed together and get the roof on it giving the pigs some shelter and shade.  I was able to get the sides on it between dropping off HB1 at a church group, and picking him up.  It isn’t perfect, and it will still need to be winterized, but it’s good for now.  I forgot to take pictures of the sides on because I needed to run and pick him up.

img_9042 img_9043 img_9044
I ordered a pig watering nipple from Amazon and it should arrive tomorrow at which point I will use a 55 gallon drum I have to make them a waterer allowing them to use the small trough that I have for baths.

Watch out for a video on the YouTube channel soon.  They are cute little buggers.

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10 Responses to Bringing Home the Bacon

  1. Yay!! They look happy! how old are they??

  2. Laura says:

    4 little piggies! Cute!

  3. jamiemarie2003 says:

    Very nice, good going with the hog wire as piglets are natural escape artists. Chasing pigs is no fun at all!
    Thanks for sharing with us on the homesteader hop!

  4. Looking forward to more posts on this. We just got our new homestead. I want to do pigs and I’m wondering if AGH are an option. Happy farming!

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