The Homestead is Falling Apart, and it’s all My Fault

It seems like every time I touch something on the Homestead lately, it breaks.  If you watched my golf cart video on YouTube, that was one of the things to which I am referring.  In that case, my not checking on the oil on a regular basis is going to cost me several hundred dollars in order to rebuild the golf cart engine.  Check out the video where I explain the situation more fully.  The one silver lining to that situation is that I will get to learn how to rebuild an engine with my father so I will gain that knowledge, so there’s that.

The latest event happened a couple days ago.  Homestead Boy #2 was out mowing the grass when I hear a sound coming from his direction.  It sounded like he ran over something with the mower and that said item was stuck in the blades.  He did the right thing and shut off the blades and then the mower, and waited for help.  When I got over there I didn’t find anything in the blades or anywhere else that made it evident what the problem was.  It drove fine without the blades on so we took it to the barn and put it up on ramps so I could get a better look underneath.  After careful perusal I believe I have found the problem.  The center spindle on the mowing deck went bad.  In other words, I believe the bearings have failed, meaning I will have to remove that spindle and replace it.  This could have been caused by a multitude of things. Lack of grease or the blades being out of balance are the leaders in the clubhouse.  Since I was able to find a silver lining to the golf cart fiasco, let’s see if I can find one for the mower…..  Let’s go with me being able to show the boys how to replace a mower spindle and making sure they know where all the grease zerks are on the mower.

They say that “unlucky” events come in three and while I am not a superstitious person at all, I am at the current moment hiding under a chair waiting for number three.

Until next time.

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4 Responses to The Homestead is Falling Apart, and it’s all My Fault

  1. I often say that I inherited the “Reverse Midas Touch” from my dad. Sometimes, everything I touch turns to crap!

  2. MansWhirld says:

    We’ve been having a similar few months here. If I hit anything tougher than a blade of grass with my mower one of the spindles inevitably breaks. Not sure if you have the same spindles I do, but they’ve been costing me about $50 a pop. That is until this month when I found that I could by 2 for $30 on Amazon 🙂 Now I have a backup for the next inevitable failure.

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