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I’m Giving Up

I am giving up on rotational grazing for the year.  A friend of mine, whom I consider to be a mentor, mentioned that Oreo could probably stand to put on a few pounds.  I haven’t been making time to change … Continue reading

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New YouTube Trailer

I don’t know how many of you watch YouTube videos on a regular basis, but that is kind of my television.  One of the channels I really like is Justin Rhodes.  He and his family live in North Carolina and … Continue reading

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Kids Shooting the Longbow

I still have ambitions for making my own longbow, but the kids wanted to shoot the one I bought.  It was a good time, even for the four year old.

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Small Project Turns not so Small

I was only planning on quickly fixing a small break in the hot wire for our electric fence.  It turned into a bit bigger fix, diagnose, and rotational grazing while I was at it.

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Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend my wife and I celebrated our anniversary.  I was able to plan a weekend for us away while keeping the details a secret from my wife.  First off, I have to thank our family and friends who … Continue reading

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