New YouTube Trailer

I don’t know how many of you watch YouTube videos on a regular basis, but that is kind of my television.  One of the channels I really like is Justin Rhodes.  He and his family live in North Carolina and they are currently planning a cross country trip, in a bus that they are converting(I’m so jealous) and they need places to stop.  I applied to be one of them.  One of the things they wanted in the application is one minute video about the applicant’s location.

I needed to add a trailer to my YouTube channel so I killed two birds with one stone and created this.  Let me know what you think.  And if you do watch YouTube, please consider subscribing.  Thanks.

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4 Responses to New YouTube Trailer

  1. J Hanasik says:

    Looks good!

    I would include a still of you the family.


    • Great idea! YouTube won’t let me edit a video in that way, so I’ll have to do it for the next trailer. I’ll have to make sure I remember, because I love that idea. Thanks

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