I’m Giving Up

I am giving up on rotational grazing for the year.  A friend of mine, whom I consider to be a mentor, mentioned that Oreo could probably stand to put on a few pounds.  I haven’t been making time to change the pastures as often as I should, so today I just opened up the whole pasture and am going to let them finish it out through the fall.

I think that rotational grazing is great, it improves the pasture, and it gives you more time to have eyes on your animals.  My problem now is that my vocation is as a husband, and father, which includes homeschooling the kids.  Those things take priority so I am hanging it up on rotational grazing this year.  My thought is that next year I may make it part of the boys chores to move the animals on a regular basis.  We’ll see.

If you’re interested, I will have a YouTube video tomorrow.

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