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I’m Giving Up

I am giving up on rotational grazing for the year.  A friend of mine, whom I consider to be a mentor, mentioned that Oreo could probably stand to put on a few pounds.  I haven’t been making time to change … Continue reading

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New YouTube Trailer

I don’t know how many of you watch YouTube videos on a regular basis, but that is kind of my television.  One of the channels I really like is Justin Rhodes.  He and his family live in North Carolina and … Continue reading

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Kids Shooting the Longbow

I still have ambitions for making my own longbow, but the kids wanted to shoot the one I bought.  It was a good time, even for the four year old.

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Small Project Turns not so Small

I was only planning on quickly fixing a small break in the hot wire for our electric fence.  It turned into a bit bigger fix, diagnose, and rotational grazing while I was at it.

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Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend my wife and I celebrated our anniversary.  I was able to plan a weekend for us away while keeping the details a secret from my wife.  First off, I have to thank our family and friends who … Continue reading

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Putting the Pieces Back Together

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago that it seemed like everything around here was breaking.  First the golf cart, then the lawn tractor, it was getting bad.  On the way back from our vacation I ordered a rebuild … Continue reading

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Back From Vacation

We were blessed enough to spend the last week in Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach actually, with our family and my in laws.  It was great, and I will have a post on the week in more detail shortly, but I … Continue reading

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The Homestead is Falling Apart, and it’s all My Fault

It seems like every time I touch something on the Homestead lately, it breaks.  If you watched my golf cart video on YouTube, that was one of the things to which I am referring.  In that case, my not checking … Continue reading

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Huge Farming Operation

The other day we had an opportunity to visit with one of my wife’s co-workers and her husband.  They live just up the street from where my wife and I lived not long after we got married so it was … Continue reading

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Another Great Rodeo Weekend

This past weekend we were at another Sparta Rodeo.  The oldest three and I went on Friday, to try and help out any way we could.  I am not a rodeo person per se, I didn’t grow up with rodeo … Continue reading

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