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Homestead-y Gifts?

Who out there gave their kids or friends, homestead type gifts? Either an outdoorsy present, or something you made? I had grand designs to jar honey and give it away, but the honey has yet to be harvested, and at … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas/More Than Blessed

Firstly I want to wish each and every one of you a blessed and merry Christmas.  Every single one of you has been, or is, a part of my life.  Whether you are family whom I have known all of … Continue reading

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Awesome, if Not Grueling, Weekend

Well, I had an awesome weekend.  Stayed tuned to the end, cool gift announcement!  We left Thursday night, and got back late last night, staying at a different place every night.  There was also at least a couple hours of … Continue reading

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Need Some Holiday Spirit?

The son of some very good friends of ours set up a Christmas light show.  The young man is 16 years old and despite having to deal with some vandalism has managed to put on quite a light show all … Continue reading

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Need Last Minutes Kids Toys?

I love shopping on Amazon, especially with Amazon Prime and the two day shipping that comes along with it.  Here are a couple deals I am looking at as stocking stuffers.  The best part is I won’t have to deal … Continue reading

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Will the Real Santa Claus Please Stand Up?

When I was little I figured out early there was no “real” Santa Claus.  For some reason I never seemed to want to believe.  Although I don’t remember this, a friend who I went to elementary school with told me … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree

Here is a quick picture of our Christmas tree complete with strategically placed furniture to keep the baby and dog away.

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